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The first system transforming infrared radiation into electric energy.

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Heatconv is an innovative concept for generating electric energy by capturing infrared radiation. The system is designed to capture radiation and optimize it to transform it in electricity.

Heatconv produces clean and sustainable energy from an alternative source. This system has many applications including consumer electronics (computers, tablets, or smartphones), heaters, air-conditioning, automotive system, recovery of energy from industrial processes and, in the future, it could be use in the airspace industry. 

It could also be used to optimize the efficiency of solar installations by integrating it as a cooling system.        


What is infrared radiation?

Infrared radiation (IR), is a thermal and electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 0,7 µm to 1,000 µm (microns). This is an imperceptible range for the human eye, it is in a range between Red and microwave radiation.


Infrared radiation is emitted by any object with a temperature above 0 Kelvin equal to −273,15 Celsius (Absolute Zero). It could be considered a form of radiation heat with contactless transmission. It is an important potential source for generating electricity. 




Sheet Metal

Eliminated polarization.


Heater partes.jpg

Captures infrared radiation.

Sheet Metal

Polarizes radiation.


Polarization Filter

Case with thermal insulation

Covers and insulates the system.

Polarizing Glass

Exposed to the environment.


Sensitive element

Transforms the energy.

Nematic Material 

Polarizes radiation.


The conversion module has a series of adjacent plates that polarize, filter, and capture infrared radiation in the interior of the system. The ‘captured’ radiation is stimulated by reflections in the internal layers of the system and generating a greenhouse effect in the interior of the system and optimizing the radiation.

Those internal layers also concentrate radiation on a series of silicon photodiodes that transform IR radiation into electricity.


Hearconv thermal conversion modules permits harvesting infrared radiation to generate electricity in a variety of areas like:


Consumer electronics

Computers, tablets, smartphones. 

Cooling systems

Industrial refrigeration, 

household refrigeration, 


Solar Panels

Improves efficiency,

cools internal components.

Aero-space Industry 

Space stations,



A new concept in energy generation


Pateneted Technology

Heatconv patented thermal conversion module technology is a pioneering initiative in the area of IR radiation based energy generation.

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Ecological System

The system facilitates energy recovery in industrial processes.

ICONOArtboard 29.png

Energy Saving

Heatconv can reduce or eliminate electric consumption in domestic and industrial heating and cooling systems.

ICONOArtboard 28.png

Innovative System

This is an innovation in the area of renewable energy, it provides and alternative for sustainability in our planet.

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Cost Reduction

Heanconv can be added to other energy generation systems like photovoltaic panels to increase their efficiency and reduce costs. 


Alternative source

Heatconv proces generates sustainable clean energy from an alternative source without polluting emissions.

   Financed by


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 876320


Who are we


Heatconv is a Madrid (Spain) based technological startup. Using our patented global innovative technology, we develop pioneering modules to convert infrared radiation in electricity. 

Pablo Flores

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